Director, Dr. Sushant Godghate holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree and Decorate in Engineering from Kyushu University japan. He has more than 2 decades of industry experience in japan. Having an experience working for Automotive Design in JAPAN, his area of expertise is in IT Solutions to the Automotive and Shipbuilding Industries. He has spent more than 4 years at Toyota’s Production Engineering department to support for appearance Digital analysis, ergonomics and Assembly design projects on CATIA and DELMIA V5 applications. In shipbuilding, he has provided the best in class consulting services from basic design to production design including the packaging / delivery and maintenance of the design software solutions. Currently, he is providing the consulting services for Automotive manufacturing worldwide where he is involved in the virtual reality design review meetings conducted by Automotive CEO’s and board members. He has completed his doctorate degree from Kyushu University, Fukuoka Japan in Marine Systems Engineering. The Subject of research is “IT Solutions for Ship Design and Manufacturing Process”. Following are the list of his papers publications:

• JASNAOE 2012 Spring conference

• ISOPE 2012 Rhodes Conference

• TEAM 2012 Kyushu Conference

• Shipbuilding System research Society, JAPAN

• JASNAOE 2012 Autumn conference

• JASNAOE 2013 Journal Publication

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