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SEKAI – ICHI is currently running a franchisee school to provide high quality English Education to less privileged kids and low class society of India who cannot afford sending their kids to English Education Schools. This schools provide CBSE pattern education to these kids. SEKAI–ICHI support this school which educates the next generation’s kids on scientific way of life and are trying to change the educational standard to generate the next generation as a real human being who will be honest. SEKAI–ICHI will also provide the practical examples of well developed nations like JAPAN, U.S.A. etc to the school kids and help them to understand the humanistic manners in the life.

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It is the sole responsibility of well develop society to help and cooperate for the development of these less-privileged and below poverty level students. There are many ways you can help for this social cause.

Videos of Humanistic Culture

It will be very helpful if a group of people can help creating videos which will show the importance of following the rules and regulations of the country. These videos can be displayed in the educational institutions so that the next generation kids can learn these cultures from their childhood. Valid comparisons can be shown in videos on what kind of problem happens if the rules are not followed so that the students can learn the importance of these safety rules. This may help in organizing precise ways of living a life. The type of videos can be:

  • Safety checks for school bus when picking and drop-off of the student.
  • Road Traffic regulations e.g. following the traffic signals, driving in the lanes, sidewalks for walkers and bicycle riders etc.
  • How to ride the bus
  • How to ride a Train
  • Other regular manners
  • International Cultural Exchange

    It will be more effective if we can migrate middle school students from developing nations to the developed nations like Japan, USA etc so that the new generation students can practically visualize the difference and learn how a developed nation should be. These students when they grow-up would definitely apply the different concept in day-to-day life which would be a struggle free way of living a life different than the current situation.

    Support by School Amenities

    You can sponsor some school amenities like School Dress, School Bags, Sports Kit like Swimming, Football or Karate Kit etc which can be used by the below poverty level students learning in these educational institutions.

    Sponsorship for School Books
    Sponsorship for School Infrastructures

    Someone can sponsor Infrastructure like used computers, Play Rides, benches, office material, school stationeries etc.

    Sponsorship for School Advertisement in Newspaper and Media
    Sponsorship for expansion of Educational Institutions

    It is important that the humanistic educational institution network grows-up more and more so that the most of the new generation could learn the definition of a global equality. Hence sponsorship for expansion of more branches of BIS within India and launching of similar kind of schools in other developing nations would a way towards achieving a global equality.

    Sponsorship for School Building Construction.
    For Contributors In JAPAN:

    BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS: For Contributors In JAPAN.

    Bank Name: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Ginko

    Branch Name: Yokohama Nishiguchi

    Type: Futsu Yokin

    Account Number: 6596231



    Branch NUMBER: 374

    For Contributors In INDIA:


    Bank Name: State Bank Of India

    Branch Name Nagpur Main Branch

    TYPE: Current

    Account Number: 00000030300832037


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